Tuscany is known for it’s incredible sceneries and to discover them on a horse makes them yet more unforgettable. Mr. Toscani has built throughout the years and increredible stable the offers all horse lovers a one-time life experience. Located in a magical place, it’s is built with extremly professional facilities. It is administrated by Gennaro Lendi, multiple times Reining world Champion that is an insurance on the level on maintenance and professionalism you will find in the Toscani stable.

We offer many services:

  • horse boarding both in paddock and in box
  • orse training
  • horse riding lessons
  • trekking in the majestic forest surrounding the stable(s)
  • horses transportation
  • broodmare boarding, insemination, and foaling
  • youngster taming
  • horse retirement boarding and paddock facilities

The magnificent arena offers an incredible place to practice indoor with your horse and the surrounding area offers and incredible chance for new, relaxing, outdoor experiences. 

If you have a passion for horses please contact our team by telling us your desires and needs in order to give us the possibility to develop for you an ad hoc proposal on the innumerable possibilities that we offer for horse and riders