A Few words about O.T.HOMES

O.T. farm was established in 1970 when world famous photographer Oliviero Toscani decided to make the hills of Casale Marittimo his home, a special patch of land between the towns of Volterra and Bolgheri, with a spectacular view on the mediterranean sea.

O.T. farm was built from a genuine but passionate love for the land,  slowly but steadily growing thanks to the constant love and dedication by Oliviero and his wife Kirsti throughout the years. Created with the interest of giving their children a magical place to grow up, it is now an incredible location that offers the opportunity to discover nature at 360° through its produce and many activities all of which give incredible feelings. 

Populated by many kinds of animals the farm breeds competition-level Quarter horses, Angus cows, Cinta Senese pigs, flying pigeons, and produces all of its animals forage, in absolute respect for nature and in total harmony with it.

Furthermore, it produces Olive oil and red wine. It now has about 4000 olive trees, that live in an ideal climate, exposed to the most beautiful light of the world, that are treated with maniacal love and produces a mythical, pure, precious, immortal extra virgin olive oil. Since 2000 following Angelo Gaja’s advice, a vineyard was planted and today it produces 3 types of wines that are very different but very interesting.

This place is the consequence of mutual love between people and nature, and what it creates is magic. The Toscani family is now willing to share this special place with all those people interested in discovering an incredible territory, and that are willing to do it in the most respectful manner possible.